Judy Garland’s body being moved from New York to Hollywood

Judy Garland fan bought adjacent crypt, but body got moved

A superfan has had his dreams of spending eternity with Judy Garland dashed.

Earlier this month, the ‘Wizard Of Oz’ star’s body was flown to Hollywood from New York, where her remains had rested since her death in 1969.

It’s a blow to the die-hard fan who’d bought the crypt next to hers, which is now empty, in the Ferncliff Mausoleum in tony Westchester, New York.

And there’s a knife-twist of irony to the cross-country re-interment saga.

The man who bought the adjacent crypt ‘specifically flew in from California because he is a big fan of hers,’ a Ferncliff cemetery manager told The New York Post.

Garland had been interred in crypt No. 31 in Unit 9 of the mausoleum, where nearby spaces go for up to $15,500.

Garland was found dead in her London home in 1969 at age 47, after a barbiturate overdose.

Her fifth husband, Mickey Deans, made the decision at the time to bury her on the East Coast, rather than Los Angeles.


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