Officials: Putin involved in U.S. election hacking

U.S. intelligence officials believe the Russian president personally instructed how stolen info from Democrats was leaked.

Ever the master spy, Russian President Vladimir Putin, a former KGB colonel, was personally involved in the hacking of the Democratic National Committee and efforts to interfere in the American elections, U.S. and foreign intelligence officials tell ABC News.

A spokesperson for Putin today called the reports “funny nonsense” but American intelligence agencies are failing to see any humor in the bold Russian cyber-attacks and the apparent role of the Russian president.

People in the intelligence community directly involved in uncovering and tracking the Russian hack say a new flow of information has directly connected Putin to what began as a lower-level effort by the Russian military to infiltrate the computers of both Republican and Democratic figures.

Once the hackers were successful in breaching the DNC’s systems, Putin became more directly involved with the effort, they say.

Russian officials have consistently denied any hacking activities around the U.S. election.

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  1. Delay the electoral vote. Throw out the corrupt November 8 results. Allow a three month primary. Hold a new election in May, sans Trump and Clinton. Preserve our democracy.

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